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Socorro, NM 87801
PH: 575-838-0078
FAX: 575-838-0978

Socorro and Sierra Counties agreed to write a Regional Water Plan. The first Regional Water Plan was completed in 1994. It was updated in 2000. Both of these were funded by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC). The Socorro Soil & Water Conservation District is the fiscal agent for this plan. In 2000, the Socorro Soil & Water Conservation District was awarded a grant for $105,000 from the NM ISC to begin work on a Regional Water Plan that looked into the hydrology, quantity, and quality of the groundwater and surface water in our region. After this was completed, the Socorro Soil & Water Conservation was awarded $150,000 to complete the regional water plan. The plan was completed in December 2003 and accepted by the NM Office of the State Engineer in January of 2004.

The Socorro Sierra Regional Water Plan is being updated by Daniel B. Stephens and Associates. Updates can be found of the Interstate Stream Commission's website at:

If you have any questions, please contact our office.


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  Future Demand Population Projections
  Groundwater Supply Water Budget
  Historic and Current Water Demand Water Rights


  Volume I Volume II
  Executive Summary Appendix C
  Introduction Appendix D
  Public Participation Appendix E
  Background Appendix F
  Legal Issues Appendix G
  Water Resources Appendix H
  Water Demand Figures
  Water Budget Tables
  Alternatives Analysis References
  Appendix A  
  Appendix B  


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